The result is clear skin with a healthy glow. Look, we want that.

We understand that you have to start on a Monday so nothing better than a moment of Zen. Also, not bad if it helps lift the face a little, improve the skin color and reduce the wrinkles. And all by massaging your face for a few minutes during the day. We immediately put out fresh intern Maud to work (so we’re hazing our new interns, hop right on the photo) to test the exercises and “they really work, I immediately feel it!”

The exercises work on the different layers of skin, where blood circulation will improve, the oxygen in the skin is stimulated and it also reaches the cells. The result is clear skin with a healthy glow. Look, we want that. If you have the right technique, they will also stimulate collagen production. So that works on tighter skin again. Those creams can now be taken out of the closet because they will be able to do their job much better on such skin. In any case, you will need them for a while, because after 4 months of facial yoga exercises you will only see real results.


To lift the drooping eyelids a little and to remove puffiness.

How-To? You put both middle fingers between your eyebrows. You put your index finger at the end of your eyebrows. Then you always move upwards with your index finger, creating that lifting effect. Tighten your face at the same time and then relax. Repeat this several times.


To prevent a hanging chin and reduce the lines around your mouth.

How-To? Make an ‘O’-shape with the mouth. Smile very broadly but keep your teeth hidden. Repeat this several times. Hold the smile and place your index finger on your chin. Tilt your head back slightly and move your chin up and down with your index finger. Repeat this exercise about 10 times for the best results.


To counteract the lines on the forehead. Botox is therefore no longer necessary.

How-To? Place both hands on the forehead with your palms turned inward. Spread all fingers between the eyebrows and the hairline. Then you go together with your fingers.


Good against the bags and deep eyes and very nice to give your eyebrows a lifting effect.

How to? Place your index finger under each eye, pointing to the nose. Hide your teeth with your lips and tighten all that well. Then look up with your eyes and tighten that too. Keep it on for 30 seconds and then relax again. If you do that 4 times and repeat every day you will see that it will work.


Wave goodbye to the hanging neck. In any case, it will no longer betray your age.

How to? Make the neck long and tighten it. Place your fingers on the bottom of your neck and make upward movements. First look forward, then back and then back again. This way you always alternate and relax things.