dentures casula

Whether you are thinking of getting dentures in Casula to replace your missing teeth or you have already been using them for quite some time, you may likely have some doubts about them. Here is some detailed information about what dentures are, the kinds of care you need to give to dentures, how they contribute to people’s oral and dental health, and at what duration you should visit dentists. 

Denture Hygiene is Important

You must realize that although dentures aren’t real teeth, they too need proper cleaning to maintain their oral health and appearance. Dentists always advise you to religiously brush your dentures at least twice a day or after each meal. Dentures in Casula are cleaned with a special type of toothbrush. Know that dentures can get stained quickly and lose sparkle if you consume beverages and foods with artificial colourants. Ignore such food items.

Dentures Need Practice

Talking and eating are two privileges you get with your set of dentures. However, it might need some time to get used to them. You might feel your dentures keep on moving when chewing food. Try eating in other ways to get an idea about the most comfortable way. Usually, chewing with molars and pre-molars fits the best. While speaking, some words might not come out like they used to. Your tongue needs to relearn a lot of pieces of stuff with your dentures in Casula. 

Repairing of Dentures 

Dentures usually last around 7-10 years. During this time, if any of the parts come undone or get cracked or chipped, you can bring them in to be repaired. However, if there is damage, you may need to have them replaced. In any case, you should ignore fixing them at home and make sure to visit a dentist to have them repaired. 

Getting Used to Activities Takes Time 

After you get your full or partial dentures in Casula, talking and eating with them may feel slightly uncomfortable at first. The dentist says that’s because your oral muscles that take time to get accustomed to the replacement teeth. The same goes for speech as well. However, it generally does not take patients long to get used to their dentures and return to normal. 

Dentures Are Removable

Although high-quality full or partial dentures can look too realistic, they are removable false teeth. While many patients find these comfortable, they may not offer the same strength and stability as other dental prosthetics, such as implant-supported dentures. That being said, dental implants may not be suitable for every patient, and dentures offer an efficient solution to missing teeth that can restore your confidence.

The Takeaway

To determine the quality and comfort of your denture solution, you should schedule routine visits to your dentist. During such a checkup, your denturist can check the fit of your dentures and rectify them if necessary. In addition, the dentist will polish your dentures in Casula and check for tartar buildup that can affect the comfort and quality of your replacement teeth.