If you own a house that has awnings installed either at the doors, windows or even near the deck, it adds a feather to the cap. The reason is the fact that your house stays protected while adding to the aesthetics simultaneously.

Most homeowners are known to install retractable awnings which are easy to use and increase its longevity as well. While these are often a one-time installation, there is the need for you to maintain and care for it well. 

No matter how big or small the awnings are, here are a few tips coming from installers of awnings in Castle Hill that could help you clean and keep them in its best condition.

Clean it regularly

It so happens that the exposed part of the awnings isn’t something that we get to see all the time and do not know how dirty it has been. Leaf litter, dry twigs and other flying objects settle itself on the awnings, and that deteriorates the quality. Cleaning it by retracting it often or allowing professional cleaners for awnings in Castle Hill to help you would ensure that it is free from dust and dirt.

Avoid direct heat under the awning

If you love spending quality time in your deck and also indulge in BBQs, avoid placing the appliance close to the awnings. Installers for awnings in Castle Hill agree that heat directing towards it can cause staining as well as heating of the awning material. You may witness permanent staining coming from charcoal or even wear and tear of the material. If at all you intend to set up a BBQ, keep it away from the awning to ensure no direct heat is put under it.

Look out for damage

Any damage to the awning can lead to replacing it and installing a new one unless you pay attention to time. Whenever you witness small wear and tear or even an issue while retracting it, bring it to the attention of the experts for awnings in Castle Hill. They would come over and check the type of problem. Only then would they suggest a repair or replacement depending on the level of damage that has been caused to the awning. Damage checks can be done when you clean the awning and take necessary actions accordingly.

Do not open up during strong winds

No matter what guarantee the awnings come with, keeping it open during strong winds can lead to severe damage. Its installation is an investment altogether, and you wouldn’t want the strong winds to break it down or take it along. Whenever you sense strong winds or the weather report says so, retract them and ensure that they are put in place. Avoid opening it up until you feel it is safe.

Use soap and water for cleaning

You may have awnings made up of cloth or metal, and no matter what it is, a cleaning solution made with soap and water is always the best option as agreed by experts on awnings in Castle Hill. Whenever you make plans on cleaning the awning, spray some of this solution that would remove debris and dirt almost immediately. Use a brush depending on the material, and you would watch it look just as new.