demolition services parramatta

Every building has a lifespan of certain years which is known as design life. An architect can design a life building for about 80-100 years when the building reaches to end of its life span, it becomes dangerous for the residents and adjoining buildings.

The existence of an old structure is very dangerous for its inhabitants and also for the surrounding buildings. Demolition services in Parramatta also play an important role in the environment.

 Demolishing the old buildings of a chemical manufacturing plant or old abandoned gas station help the environment in two way: Pollutant Control and Recyclable.

The process involved in the demolition of a building:

There are four main processes that are followed by Demolition services in Parramatta:

  • Surveying the building
  • Preparation of a solid plan
  • Safety protocols
  • Removing dangerous substances 

Surveying the building:

Demolition services in Parramatta do surveying with keen observing the building structure and its adjoining areas and buildings.

There are two types of surveying one is building surveying and second type is structural surveying.

Building Surveying 

The building surveying process is as follows:

  • Examine the type of material used in making that building. 
  • Looking for any harmful or dangerous substances are there are not.
  • Gathering information about adjoining buildings and traffic condition
  • Commonly shared utilities and facilities.
  • Demolition impact of noise, dust, dirt, and vibration on nearby localities and traffic conditions.

Structural Surveying 

In structural surveying following processes are looked after are as follows:

  • The construction method of that old building.
  • The structural condition of that building.
  • The skeletal system followed while constructing
  • Condition of the building.
  • Examine the condition of the underground reserve tank and basement.

Preparing a solid plan for demolishing:

The plan made by the experts of demolition services in Parramatta plays an important role in completely demolishing a building. A demolition plan includes which process should be followed by the constructors so that big buildings and structures can easily be demolished without disturbing or causing any harm to the nearby localities and buildings.

Safety protocols:

All the safety protocols should be carefully followed by the demolition services in Parramatta to ensure a safe and secure demolition. 

Fire and emergency plans should be prepared before starting, which also include health and safety.

Everything should be done under monitoring and keen observation.

All employees should wear proper safety kits and also PPE kits, which surely will help the workforce in performing secure and safe work. And all the health checks should be done on regular basis.

Removing dangerous substances

Before demolishing all the dangerous substances should be removed first before proceeding with any work. Dangerous substances include asbestos which might be very dangerous for a living being. Asbestos can travel in the open air which may cause coughing and serious health issues may arise. 

Water and gas pipe removal should be done with the utmost care because water pipes contain leads that might get mixed with the main water supply. Which is a health hazard for living beings like us. The older structure still has this type of pipe which contains lead.

And lead causes numerous medical emergencies like neurological issues, reproductive issues etc. So the demolition should be done with professional demolition services in Parramatta.