So you know you sing well and have received compliments from people around you? Now the plan is to record at a studio and come up with something new. It all sounds good so far. While people think that professional recording studios have these large consoles and machines that can give you that marvellous voice, sometimes things go wrong.

Even though sound recording studios in Mumbai can give your voice that perfect finish, you need to take care of a few things from your end. Simply switching on the microphone and recorder doesn’t help all the time. Here are few tips to help you get a better voice quality in a recording.

Practice before you go for the final recording

If you have a hand-held recorder or probably a smartphone, try recording your voice with it first. Finish the entire song and listen to yourself after that. There are times when you may not like a note or a tone that you have sung and may want to improvise. Being in the sound recording studios in Mumbai and opting for multiple retakes is time-consuming as well as frustrating for you as well as those on the other side. Therefore, practicing before you hit the final recording button at the studio makes things easy.

Using the microphone well

When you sing in front of a microphone, there are multiple things to keep in mind. When you are singing a song with multiple volumes, get close when the volume is low and far when it is high. When it comes to breathing while singing, remember to turn your face sideways to avoid the microphone capturing your breath. Sideways breathing doesn’t have much of a background sound and can be edited later.

Choose the right microphone

When you are at sound recording studios in Mumbai, there are multiple microphones that they own. It isn’t necessary that you use the one that is affixed. You can change the microphones on request and try them to check which one records a better voice. There are times when the operators at the audio recording studios in Mumbai would help you out, and that gets to be a better option. Once you know what to use, go ahead with the recording.

Express yourself well

Every song has something to say. They have expressions, and that is what we relate to when we hear a song. When you are out there recording, and you want it to be not just perfect in terms of sound quality but also the feeling that comes along with it, you need to express yourself.

Mind the tone of your voice

If it has a sad tone, you need to bring out the sadness through your voice. If it is happy, you need to brighten up and smile while singing. That is how the expressions are conveyed while making the recording a complete package. Experts at the audio recording studios in Mumbai agree that only when you connect to the listener with your song, it strikes the right chord.

When you follow these tips, you get a better voice quality while sounding professional just like the singers do.