Asbestos contractors

Although asbestos is now a banned element in the construction industry, it was in use even till the 2000s. So there is always a risk of asbestos exposure if you are staying in a building that the builders built before at least twenty years. 

So when it comes to removing or detecting asbestos and demolition, you need the best professionals at work. It can be challenging, but if you can ask a few questions, it will help in clarifying a few doubts. 

  1. Does the company have comprehensive insurance?

One of the first questions that you must ask the asbestos demolition and inspection contractor is about the possession of the insurance. After all, you need to know who will pay all the bills if the property of your neighbor suffers from any damage while the demolition project is going on or the company is disposing of the debris. 

  • Standard coverage of the insurance must include worker’s compensation first as the workers will be working at the highest risk zone, dealing directly with the contaminated parts. 
  • If some accident happens within the premises during the job, the liability will be of the Asbestos contractors and not yours. 

The insurance will be the only assurance that you are not responsible for the action of the asbestos removal company. 

  1. Has the company received approval for local permits? 

Each state has an individual set of permits and laws, and you have to ensure that the Asbestos contractors have the permits necessary for the project. It would help if you asked before hiring the contractors whether the company can handle the permits. 

  • Always work with the demolition contractors who will be able to follow all the necessary procedures. It will be the only protection for you from all liability issues. 
  • You can face criminal charges if you don’t have the company with the support for compliance. 

The compliance issues can matter a lot when you have to appoint an asbestos removal company. 

  1. Where will the company dump the materials?

One of the vital questions that you have to ask the Asbestos contractors is the way of disposing of the waste materials after the demolition. Demolition is not the only important element of the job. Asbestos exposure can happen even when the companies are removing the wastes. 

  • The workers should have the right plan to remove the debris without contaminating the surrounding. 
  • The team must be aware of a proper containment process to ensure the minimum chance of asbestos contamination.

Waste management is a crucial part of the job. You should hire experienced companies which have proper experience in doing the job. 

  1. How is the inspection team working?

The last of the four important questions that you must ask the Asbestos contractors is the quality and expertise of the team that will perform the asbestos inspection. The experience of the team in performing such inspections will matter. You need to understand that only the experts can detect the possible areas where usually asbestos can be present.

Inspection is the first step towards remediation and asbestos abatement. So you have to be very careful about the selection of the asbestos removal and demolition company.