If you want to have a beautiful lawn that will envy your neighbours, the lawn turf is precisely what you need. Although it is a little bit expensive compared to grass seeds, it is one of the best investments that will pay in the long run. The lawn turf comes in handy when your front yard lawn is not as green and rich as you will want it to be; however, this type of lawn is easy to maintain and lay. This, therefore, is extremely popular amongst most homeowners who wish their patio to look great. Here are three easy steps that will help you in turf lying in Baulkham hills without any hassle

  1. Focus on the timing and prepare the area

It is essential to do turf laying during autumn or during the beginning of spring when the amount of rain is high. Moisture is critical because it will enable the glass to establish strong and long-lasting toots that will help it survive during harsh months and cold seasons. Therefore the first thing you should do is prepare the people of the area where you plan to lay the turf by removing all debris as stones before levelling the soil and firm the soil carefully. You can accomplish this using your feet or with special tools. It is crucial to lay the turf on a firm, smooth and flat soul surface with good drainage. Otherwise, the seeds will be prone to rot within no time

It is also recommendable that you use a soil fertilizer of special turf fertilizer to make the soil more welcoming for a new lawn. The fertilizer will not only be beneficial to the seeds when establishing roots but will also increase nutrients levels in the soil.

  1. Carefully Lay the Turf

Once you have prepared the soil well, the next step will be laying the turf on levelled soil. You should not worry about cutting the turf to make it even at both ends; you can choose to lay it and deal with the aesthetics later. Ensure the turf joints are carefully staggered and match the pieces of the puzzles; otherwise, it might affect the looks of the new lawn.

  1. Remove the Excess

Once you are done with turf laying, the next step will be the removal of excess; you can do this by using a knife. Cut off the excess turf and ensure it touches the soil before you water it; otherwise, the seeds will not be able to establish the roots. Ensure there are no mounds in the lawn, in case they are there, you should remove them immediately since it will be hard to remove them once seeds have started growing.

Finally, the above-discussed steps will guide you in turf laying in Baulkham hills. The whole process does not require more than a couple of hires. Therefore it is recommended that you lay the turf within 24 hours after they have been delivered to avoid seed degradation