commercial refrigerators

Restaurant management is about managing the chefs and the guests and how well you can manage the storage of food and utilize the maximum shelf life of the raw materials. Commercial refrigerators are the only structures that can aid in the preservation of every food item. You might have heard bizarre things about the freezers, which make you doubtful about the worth of the investment. So here are the top common myths and facts to facilitate the purchase decision. 

Myth 1: Frozen food lack nutrition:

A good number of people staunchly believe that cooking frozen food is worthless as the food item loses its freshness and nutritious value. These people also believe that hotels use such products for faster and easier cooking and to provide a satisfying bite to the customers. 

Unfortunately, it is a misconception partially. If you keep the frozen items in the commercial refrigerators for a long time, only then might you lose some nutritional value. But otherwise, it can be even healthier than the raw ingredients that the cooks use to prepare a dish. The reason is simple. Fresh vegetables and fruits do not ripen fully before hitting the market. Keeping it for a few days at a controlled temperature will allow it to develop. 

Myth 2: Transportation complications:

And it brings up one of the most debated topics- how do you transport the commercial refrigerators? the common wrong advice includes:

  • It would be best if you lay the freezers horizontally while transporting them from one facility to another. 
  • Doubts regarding the safe time to switch on the freezer. 

It is time to set things straight. Here are a few factors to keep in mind while transporting the freezers:

  1. Please place it in an upright position that will reduce the vibration impact that usually occurs when the compressor is on. 
  2. The position will aid in keeping the spring suspension accurately.
  3. Horizontal positioning is wrong as the vibrations will enhance the lateral pressure on the suspension and damage the compressor. 
  4. Switch on the freezer only after a minimum period of six hours after transit. It will help the settling down of the refrigerant, and the oil is the compressor. So system damage won’t happen. 
Myth 3: It is possible to freeze any food for unlimited time inside the freezer:

At the other end of the nutrient debate team lies the team of humans who believe that they can store anything and everything as long as they want in commercial refrigerators. You can indeed keep most foods in cold storage, but there is always a time limit. 

  • For instance, you can store the raw meat for four to twelve months, whereas the cooked meat can stay well for a maximum of four months if you can maintain the optimum temperature.
  • Fruits and vegetables stay fine for eight to twelve months inside the commercial refrigerators, whereas soups, stews, and casseroles stay fresh for two to three months. 

Now that you know the facts, it is time to bid adieu to the myths.