phone repairs smithfield

There will be no one on this earth who does not love their phone and the phone breaking is one such moment that gives an instant feeling of both tension and stress to you. The first thing that comes to mind when you have your phone breaks is to take it to the nearest store that does the phone repairs in Smithfield. because accepted or not phones are one such integral part of our lifestyle that one cannot live without. And when something that is so important and an integral part of your life breaks, it is never a good feeling or rather even a feeling that does not bother you. But do not worry if you are someone who has broken their phone recently understandably due to some accident, you are not the only one. Here are a few interesting facts about phone repair that might comfort you and make you feel a little better.

  1. Taking your phone to the store to get your phone repaired is simply a thing of the past as many stores offer phone repairs in Smithfield you can come to your house for repairing your phone. You simply need to get on a call with them or contact them through their website and that is all the effort that it takes to get your phone repaired. They handle everything else.
  2. Why you might think that you are a little irresponsible when it comes to handling your phone and taking good care of it, it might interest you to know the fact that almost 45% of the total smartphone users report accidentally damaging their phone when they did take it in for repair.
  3. It might also interest you that while we all love our phone and handle it with due care when it is our hand, almost 38% of the smartphone users whose phone at some point has broken accidentally has been a result of a slip out of their hand.
  4. About 28% of the people that damage their phone and take it for repair report water entering the system as the cause of the damage. 
  5. Interestingly about 8% of those that report water caused damage to tell the reason for water spilling on the phone to be the reason for its damage.
  6. When it comes to iPhones, interestingly screen repairs are the most popular type of damage that takes place.
  7. Almost more than a quarter percent of the people that take their phone for repair to local repair stores report a further increase in issues to the Phone.
  8. A more hurtful factor is that most of these people do not get compensated in any way and have to face the repercussions of believing in a local store that deals in phone repair in Smithfield.
  9. This percentage of people against reporting a problem very looks when it comes to professional repair stores.
  10. In addition to this, most professional stores that offer the service of phone repair in Smithfield provide a warranty for their replacement.
  11. One can even find such professional stores that provide no-charge service if further replacement is needed to replace a faulty replaced part.
  12. In the cases of some stores, it doesn’t even matter what time of the day your phone has broken as they offer 24-hour service to give you instant repair service.
  13. Apart from this fact about phone damages and also needs to know that about a good 20% of the stores that offer phone repairs in Smithfield replace the genuine parts with the duplicate ones to dupe the customers.
  14. One also needs to know that if they are not giving their phone to a professional who deals in phone repairs in Smithfield, we are always at a risk of data being misused.
  15. In addition to all of these, the last most interesting fact about phone repairs is that there are even such professional stores that even offer a phone repair that fits your budget and reduces the stress of the additional cost of repair on you.


Thus, one can conclude that with the range of services and securities that one gets on taking your phone to a professional Store, it makes absolute sense to choose a professional Store.